Bottle photography that looks good.


Photographing glass requires time and attention to detail.

To reproduce the true “look” of your bottle as a digital image and catch the eye of a customer online or in print a precision lighting and retouching skill set is required.

There is no getting around the fact that a dedicated studio environment along with retouching tools are needed to control reflection, combine several images together and correct colour when the intent is to produce not only a true to life image, but more importantly an attractive advertisement.


Located in Dunsborough, our studio serves as a dedicated product photography environment and is operated by professional photographers trained and experienced in the areas of precision lighting, photorealistic image compositing, colour management, Photoshop retouching and digital image manipulation (basically we are photography nerds).


How does it work?

Delivery and minimum quantity

We’re happy to photograph as little as a single bottle, and as much as your entire collection. A standard studio setup fee is applied before adding the per-bottle rate and we can also pick up within the Margaret River region for a travel charge.



We suggest you choose your cleanest, dimple free bottles with the seam located at the rear and important text on the cap facing forward. Before shooting the product we need to remove the label from the rear to light the inside of the bottle correctly, please be aware of this if you need the item returned.


Lighting style

Before we begin shooting we will present you with options for the lighting style; a small but very important factor when deciding where on the bottle to direct the customers attention.

Photography and postproduction

Your bottle will be photographed on a white background. We generally combine several images of the same bottle together to produce the final version (the label and the glass will often require separate lighting methods) and we go over every image with a fine toothed comb to remove blemishes, chips or unsightly scratches that may have been missed. 

Colour is important and you chose your design elements to represent a specific brand identity; all laptops, desktop displays, phones and papers have their own colour that will change the look of your image if you do not compensate. We ensure the final image represents your true colour pallet by using a tool to measure colour accuracy while processing the file on a calibrated display aligning with the universal standard (ISO code) of colour.

Finally, each bottle is “cut out” in Photoshop and placed on a pure white background presenting a polished look. We also make a duplicate copy with a transparent background for when you need to overlay the bottle above a custom layer e.g. website homepage or flyer (making life easy for your graphic designer).



At your request we will supply duplicate copies with the following modifications:

  • Shadow / reflection below the bottle to add dimension and simulate a surface.
  • Vintage or other text removal so the product is not attached to a date.
  • Composite image of entire collection or specific pairings of bottles.


Your images will be sent to you via secure digital transfer saving you a return trip to the studio. 

We also think it’s best that you have options, therefore each bottle is delivered in multiple versions and placed into dedicated folders so you can understand which to use for print or website / social media.

  • Highest quality, full resolution TIFF image on white background.
  • Highest quality, full resolution PNG image on transparent background.
  • Web optimised JPEG image on white background.
  • Web optimised PNG image on transparent background.

Image license

All images are yours to use in any size, in any place, in any way, forever.

Image backup

We understand things get lost, so we supply free redelivery of your files on one occasion before applying a redelivery charge. If you need to chat about optimal backup strategies we’re happy to share our best practise method with you.


Turn around times

An average range (6 - 8 bottles) will generally take us a whole day from start to finish if we don't go for too many coffee breaks. We always appreciate a week or two's notice for the job, however if emergency calls and we have a flexible schedule we will get going on your booking straight away.


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