When people ask me what's involved in the management of a social media platform I'm often tempted to pull out my phone and begin flicking through the latest content I've photographed or published for my clients. I've come to realise however that this brief snapshot just can't communicate the sheer volume of work required to represent a business's best interests online with enough consistency to present them as an active member of their respective community - and not sound like a robot!

So without further ado, the following page is a birds eye view of what goes in to keeping up appearances on Instagram for one of my clients - the Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association.






A social media presence requires dedicated effort. Since this contract commencement in May 2017 the MRBTA has maintained an almost daily communication with the online consumer via Instagram. People know who we are, what we value, how they can best experience the region and we don't let them forget it!

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Once a month I head out of the office to photograph the best experiences on offer for the Margaret River region visitor, it's a great way to uphold a high standard of visual content and grow the image library we use to promote the region to our audience.
Sample gallery: https://timcampbellphoto.pixieset.com/margaretriverclimbingcompany/

The photography I produce holds great visual appeal, but if you look deeper you will also see we are writing engaging copy and connecting with our audience on a personal level. This is critical in communicating the brand voice and can become incredibly time consuming if not carried out strategically.

Judith Jones
Wayne Martinez
Jean Sato
Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association
Christina Gonzalez
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Instagram, like every other social media platform is constantly evolving, new features are implemented weekly. We realise that it is important to adopt and master each new update early on and modify the workflow to stay ahead.

For example, with the introduction of Instagram Stories we decided to create a highlight reel for each brand pillar and temporary events, these play through like a video and are added to constantly.
Follow this link and click on one of the icons to view: https://www.instagram.com/margaretriver/

The "Highlight Reels"

The "Highlight Reels"

An entire Instagram story from the "Adventure" highlight reel.

An entire Instagram story from the "Adventure" highlight reel.



Instagram provides us with a modest range of analytics to track and improve our content's performance, but we use a powerful third party application to compile a monthly report and provide a clear visual snapshot of how the channel is growing.
This gives us an incredibly deep insight into our audience, here are some of our favourite metrics:

  • Post reach - how many people have been exposed to the content.

  • Audience demographics - age, sex, geographical location, language.

  • Competitor tracking and analysis - how well is the opposition doing and what can we learn from their methods.

  • Channel growth rates - The MRBTA is showing significant, prolonged growth.

  • Optimal posting times - The best time during the day and week to publish content to our audience.

  • Top posts - All time top performing content.

The overview of Iconosquare, this is just scratching the surface of the data we can pull from the analytics platform.

The overview of Iconosquare, this is just scratching the surface of the data we can pull from the analytics platform.

Social media has become the "elephant in the room" for a lot of large, established businesses in these current times, mainly because of the premise that "if it's not broken then why try and fix it" and you'd be correct in saying that nothing is in fact "broken". What we are seeing however is the decline in effectiveness traditional marketing channels are having on this new generation of smartphone addicted adults. People simply don't carry a TV around in their pockets, they carry an iPhone and they spend the vast majority of their spare time (or work time) on a social media platform in awe of the brands they love.

Implementing any operational change into a well performing business is going to raise concern, that's understandable especially considering what we have just seen with the management Instagram; there is just so much that goes on beneath the surface. 

If it's come time for you to tackle ol' Dumbo over there sitting at the kitchen table then let's meet, I'm always happy to share knowledge and answer questions.