Hey there, I’m stoked you’re here!

It was about 10 years ago now that I picked up a camera. A lot of frames have been clicked since then I can tell you..

Working for commercial clients in the tourism world I’ve seen the most remote corners of Australia through a lens. Places like East Arnhem Land, the Tasmanian Wilderness, the Houtman Abrolhos Islands, Whitehaven Beach, the outer Recherche Archipelago (so crazy out there) and the Kimberley just to name a few. I’ve flown overseas to speak at global photographic forums, won the 2015 Surfline Photo of the Year, profiled beautiful resorts, trekked through middle eastern deserts shooting content for my favourite camera manufacturer Phase One, and even found myself in the envious position of social media manager / content creator for the Margaret River region (my home) where my main task is to “make this place look beautiful.” It’s a tough gig..

The journey has certainly been full throttle but I can assure you it began long before my decade of experience in photography. I grew up on the midwest Australian coast, an area known for its maritime connection and as a gateway to the north western desert; both environments that are heavily layered throughout my portfolio.

You could say photography is my way to put you in the driver's seat, to connect you with the Australian wilderness and grant you access to some incredibly unique corners of this country. Beyond the aesthetic you’ll notice an underlying message of sustainability, which is  a value that’s reflected throughout my entire body of work and an attitude I carry with me on every shoot. I literally “take only photographs, and leave only footprints”.

At the age of 32 I feel like I’ve found my place in the creative world. Beyond that I feel a sense of alignment with my clients and the projects we work on, something that I realise is increasingly rare these days and I am grateful beyond words for that.



If you're a marketing manager or director for a tourism organisation, an advertising agency representative for a brand seeking images of our incredible natural landscape, or anyone else who needs images or campaigns shot throughout the maritime environment - I'd love to work with you. Send me an email at admin@timcampbellphoto.com, or use the contact form below..



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